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Decile Review Survey 

Dear Parents and Caregivers

On 11th September we have sent a survey with the eldest child from each family. The purpose of this survey is to ensure that the information the Ministry of Education has in relation to our community’s socio economic mix is up to date. This information then determines what decile the school is ranked as, which then determines how much funding each school is allocated.

As you will read in this week’s newsletter, recent changes have meant that only Decile 1-7 schools receive the $150.00 per student funding allocation. As we are currently identified as a Decile 9 we are reliant on continuing to ask all our parents for a school donation or contribution.  Completing this survey may trigger a review of decile for our school, therefore ensuring significantly increased government funding for our school.

Please note this survey is anonymous and the MOE will not be able to identify which family has completed it. However we do require all families to complete the survey as this is the only way this vital information will be accurate.

We thank you in advance for completing this survey. All Albany Primary students from each family who return a survey to the office, will receive a small thank you gift / acknowledgement. 

Return surveys to the office by 3.00 by Thursday 19th September.




今天我们给每个家庭里年长的孩子发了一个调查问卷。 这个调查问卷的目的是确保教育部拥有最新的关于我们社区的社会经济水平结构。 这个调查报告决定学校排名分位,进而确定学校可以得到多少教育经费。

正如您将在本周的学校通讯中读到的,最近的变化意味着只有 Decile 1-7分的学校每个学生可以获得150.00纽币的资金分配。 由于我们目前被确定为Decile 9分的学校,我们一直依靠着所有家长对学校进行捐赠或捐款。 完成此调查问卷可能会引发重新对我们学校的分数审查,从而确保政府增加我们学校的教育经费。

请注意,此调查问卷是匿名的,教育部无法确定哪个家庭已完成调查问卷。 我们需要所有家庭无论如何都要完成此问卷,只有这样这个重要信息才能得以准确。

我们提前感谢您完成此调查问卷。 所有阿尔巴尼小学学生的家庭把调查问卷交回给办公室的时候都会收到一份小小的答谢礼物.