Albany Primary

Albany Primary School
"Where learning makes a difference..."

TERM 4, 12th October—16th December

13th November “Journey to Outer Space” disco

13th November Full school assembly, 9.00am

16th November Year 6 experience day at AJHS

18th November Year 3-6 Athletics Day (Rainsaver: 19th November)

20th November Year 3-6 relays

30th November Year 0/1 “Be Bright, Eat Right” incursion

1st December Interschool Athletics Day (Rainsaver: 2nd December)

1st December Year 0/1 Celebration of Learning, 11.00am

2nd December Year 2 Celebration of Learning, 11.00am

3rd December BOT meeting, 6.00pm

7th December Year 3/4 Celebration of Learning, 11.00am

14th December Year 5/6 Celebration of Learning, 6.00pm

16th December Last day of Term 4

16th December Final assembly, 11.00am—school closes at an earlier time of 12.30pm