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Albany Primary School
"Where learning makes a difference..."

Notice Board


    Tuesday 19th February

    Year 5/6 Choice programme

    Wednesday 20th February

    Cycle train from Albany Coronation Hall Cycle Train try day flyer)

    Year 5/6 Choice programme

    Thursday 21st February

    Year 5/6 Choice programme

    Friday 22nd February

    Full school assembly, 9.00am in the school hall – all welcome to attend

    Year 5/6 waterwise for Areas 24, 25, 26, 27


    Albany Swimming Sports – Swimming Sports Day letter to parents – activity for students 8+ years as at 19th March.  Must have attended swimming grading day, or attended a swimming sports event in previous years.

    Netball registrations open at 3.00pm today.  Please refer “School Sports” or use link:

    We have been advised that the 062 Unsworth bus will no longer be stopping/picking up in Goldfinch Rise.   All parents/caregivers of registered 062 bus users have been notified, if you hadn’t receive that message please advise the office so that we can add your child to our 062 bus users list.


We are a school with a rich history and an exciting future. We pride ourselves on the happy, friendly and safe environment that is evident from the moment you enter our grounds. Learning is not silent at our school but shouts with curiosity and challenge.

Our goal is to ensure that your child is given every opportunity possible to develop and grow through our inclusive and holistic curriculum.

The school's vision "where learning makes a difference" is the foundation for all we do.
 Our values of respect, excellence, aroha and caring, creativity, and honesty (REACH) are modeled and reinforced by the teachers as essential qualities that we all strive for in our learning community. 


Albany Primary School belongs to a Community of Learning (COL) 
Whānau ki te ako

   Better Together: A connected pathway for empowered learners 

Made up of seven schools, Whānau ki te ako is a Kāhui Ako in North Auckland. Our current community vision 'Better Together: A connected pathway for empowered learners' reflects our shared thinking and journey together.  Please feel free to click on the above logo to visit our Whānau ki te ako website.