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A seminar for parents and educators
is touring across New Zealand


We're excited to tell you about an Anxious Kids seminar that renowned parenting expert and author Michael Grose is conducting across New Zealand. He will be joined by researcher and wellbeing expert Dr. Jodi Richardson. Together, they are the co-authors of the highly acclaimed book Anxious Kids.

Childhood anxiety is a growing concern within our community. Disturbingly, it takes 8.2 years on average between the onset of symptoms and diagnosis of an anxiety disorder. For a child experiencing anxiety, that can mean many years of learning difficulties, unhappiness and lost opportunities. We believe this is an unacceptable statistic.

This seminar has been designed to enable parents and educators to better recognise, manage and minimise anxiety in children. In addition to being an informative evening for parents, it's also a fantastic professional learning opportunity for principals, teachers and anyone who works with children. We hope that you can share this information in your school communications so that more people in your community can benefit.







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254,000 Kiwi kids are living in poverty – that’s nearly a third of Kiwi kids!

These kids do not have warm clothes and are coming to school cold and wet, or they are getting sick and not making it to school at all.

That’s wear Double Happy can make a big difference.

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