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 How to Enrol

If you would like to enrol your child at Albany Primary School, please note the following important information:

You must be residing within our Enrolment Zone. If you are a resident outside the zone, then an application will need to be made under the Balloting Provisions as covered by the Education Amendment Act (please see the office for the correct procedure.)

In order to best be prepared for arranging classes and teachers, we request pre-enrolment notification of any pre-schooler starting school 12 months in advance.  This is done by telephoning or visiting the school office.  Closer to the start date you will need to come into the office to obtain the enrolment form (these are not available on the website).

In order for your enrolment application to be successful, we also require:

  • A completed enrolment form, signed by the parent/caregiver.
  • A completed Digital Citizenship form, signed by the parent/caregiver.
  • Original birth certificate or current passport (original required, to be copied by office).
  • For those children holding an overseas passport (we need to view both the student's and parents passports plus residency/student visa notices).
  • Original current rate notice or rental agreement to confirm residential address.
  • One further proof of residential address, ie bank statement or telephone bill (current).
  • Immunisation certificate.
  • For a student joining us after Year 1, a copy of the child's most recent report is essential for accurate placement.

These documents must be presented with the enrolment form, it is a Ministry of Education requirement. Your child cannot start until the correct documentation is received. 

For new entrant parent/caregivers, you will also be contacted regarding:

Parent Information meeting at which stage you will have the opportunity to meet with management and your child's teacher, and ask any questions that you may have.

New Entrant School visits which take place in the week preceding your child's start date.  School visits are generally Tuesday afternoon (1.30pm - 2.55pm) and Thursday morning (8.45am - 12.30pm).  Please report to the office before your first school visit so that you may be formally shown to your classroom and introduced to your class teacher.

Your child needs to be wearing our compulsory school uniform on their first day of school (not school visits). Our school uniform is able to be purchased through

On enrolling your child, parents effectively agree to support the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees and Albany Primary School.  A copy of the Charter and School Policies are available at the School Office.