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Lunch Orders 

Our tuckshop service operates from the kitchen in the school hall.  Orders can either be placed online ( )or via a drop box outside Area 1.

Refer to the attached information on how to place an order and menu items.

Tuckshop menu

Online Orders

Wednesday- Friday, 9.00am cut off ordering time on day of lunches. 

It’s simple; all you need to do is register at and follow 4 easy steps to get started 

1. Register an account 

2. Add member/s including your name and delivery location 

3. Make a payment to have funds in your account before you order 

4. Select your lunch and place an order 

Phone 0800 LOL LOL (0800 565 565)Web 

To place a cash lunch order at school

Place money in an envelope with the child's name, area number and order written on the front (refer sample below). 

Please do not let your child write out their lunch order until their writing in legible and correct as it makes it difficult to read orders quickly. 

A separate envelope must be used for each child's order. 

Place envelope in box provided outside Area 1 no later than 9am on the day the order is required. 

Please ensure wherever possible that the correct money is given. No “part of” a lunch will be given out at morning tea. 

Sample Envelope 

John Smith 

Area 9 

Large Mince Pie $3.80 

Popcicle $1.00 

Total - $4.80