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Albany Primary School has now set up a WeChat communication system for Chinese parents for informal notices, weekly communications and queries relating to Albany Primary School.  It is not for urgent communications - we would still recommend that you refer to our school website, emails and school app in this regard.

A school representative will monitor this WeChat group to respond to any questions.  We request that all conversations remain of a non-personal nature.

School notices will be in English.  You will need to use the translate function on your phone.

Please contact Jan or Suman in the school office to be added to our WeChat Group.



Albany小学现在为中国父母建立了一个微信交流平台来用于非正式的通知; 每周通讯或是可以询问一些与Albany小学有关的事情。这个不适用于紧急通讯 – 如果有紧急的事情我们仍然建议您使用我们学校的官方网站,手机上的应用程序和您的电子邮件。