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ETHOS STATEMENT - The purpose and why of BYOD

Our teaching and learning experiences are occurring more and more in a digital environment. The addition of BYOD will support and enhance educational outcomes for learners in the classroom with current teaching and learning approaches, especially for our older learners, increasing the access to devices for this to occur.
Some of the benefits of BYOD are:
  • An increase in motivation and focus on their learning experiences
  • Collaboration through a digital means (peers, teacher/s, family)
  • Ability to access and communicate with external experts
  • To add to and share digital records of learning
  • Researching, evaluating, and curating information
  • To be able to create, produce and publish media content and their learning
  • To develop their skills and understanding of being a digital citizen, participating in globally active learning communities
  • Students are prepared for a world which is increasingly utilising technology to work and communicate
  • Explore new concepts via Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Students can access their work at any time and any place with the internet access.

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