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Clubs and Student Leadership Opportunities


Glee Club

Glee Club is open to senior students interested in singing and dance.  The Club practices for performances at assemblies, to Aria Garden/Settlers Village residents and at the Performing Arts Festival.

Green Grubs Garden Club

Green Grubs Garden Club is open to students from all year levels and allows students access to the School vegetable gardens where they have an opportunity to be involved in planting, cultivating and harvesting plants.  Additional excursion for seniors during the year includes planting out seedlings as part of the Trees for Survival initiative.


Kapa haka

Kapa haka is a cultural club run once a week during lunchtime and open to all year levels with an emphasis on the songs (Waiata) and teachings (Te reo Maori) of the Maori language.  Students come together as a group to learn Poi, tititoria, waiata, history and have fun together learning, singing and dancing. 


Student Leadership Opportunities

At Albany Primary we have a student leadership model that provides guided opportunities for our Senior Students (Year 5/6) to learn to lead in an area of passion and interest to them. They are supported by a teacher mentor, who meets with them to support their planning and implementation of ideas.

At the end of the year and early Term 1, many Senior Students embrace the opportunity to apply for roles and responsibilities that make a difference to others at Albany. These roles include Student Librarians, Travel Wise Leaders, Road Patrollers, Bus Monitors, Playground Role Models, Wet Day Monitors and more.

As the term progresses, more Senior Leadership Roles become available.  The Year 6’s apply for new roles and responsibilities that they would like to be considered for based on an area of strength or passion, and with parent and class teacher endorsement, submit their applications for consideration.

There is always a ripple of excitement as students await and then receive confirmation letters for leadership areas they have been successful in, which in the past have included; Move N’ Grove Leaders, Super Sports Zone Leaders, Student Tech Leaders, Jump Jam Leaders and Student Voice Reps.

Thank you to our amazing staff who support the students with learning how to lead in an area they are passionate about, contributing to our school and our community!

Intergenerational Project with Massey University and Aria Gardens

Senior Students with Massey University and Aria Gardens Residents spending quality time together through the Intergenerational Project.